Software Engineering Technology

1. Research area: next generation process management technology

Our research addresses advanced issues related to databases and information systems. Focus is on the service-oriented design and implementation of robust, process-aware information systems. In particular, we target at next generation process management technology, which will allow for a high degree of process as well as service flexibility and which will enable full process lifecycle support.

This includes research topics related to process modeling, process change and evolution, process and service enactment, and process monitoring and diagnosis. We have strong collaborations with industrial partners (e.g., from the aircraft industry and from government) within several research projects.

2. Main Project

1) Research on dynamic verification and version management for process model in self-adaptive software (No. 2011JM8006, Nature Science Foundation of Shaanxi Province)

2) A stimulation and analysis tool for business processes based on BPMN modeler (Targsoft Co. Ltd. Funding)

3. Picture show

A flexible business process modeling environment, which can provide verification to large scale business process model

A runtimemonitoring tool for business process management

Process data mining and diagnosis