Labs Construction

Aiming to train the talents of “being international, being engineering, and high-level” on software and microelectronics, the School is equipped with advanced labs with the whole set of hardwares and softwares, serving as the experiment and research platform for the undergraduate students and graduate students.

The experimental teaching center is equipped with more than 20 high-end servers, workstations, more than 500 PC machines, more than 130 experiment boxes, more than 40 sets of network equipment, more than 20 sets of large software system, including Yongyou ERP software, and Oracle database management system, meeting the needs of 200 thousand person-time of experiment, training, graduating design and internship for 1200 undergraduates and 500 graduates every year.

As shown in the picture, the experimental teaching center consists of four basic teaching laboratories,four characteristic laboratoriesy, four microelectronics laboratoriesy, three independent laboratories for innovation and self-study, practice bases and a data center.

Currently, there are 8 full-time experiment teaching and management staff members, 4 of whom have a doctorate, and 4 senior titles. Experiment teaching center has become a highly effective team in a reasonable structure.

The Center has established numerous collaborations with many renowned universities, famous companies and industrial research labs both domestically and internationally, such as Cisco Corporation in America, Oracle Company, UNIVERSE in Japan, Yongyou Corporation, Baidu Corporation, and ZET Corporation etc.. For undergraduate students majoring in software engineering, the School has introduced SSD series experiment course of Carnegie Mellon University from the United States, ensuring an international and advanced experimental teaching content.